Funded in 1863, the ACB (Associação Comercial de Braga) is a business association with multisectoral and multi-district character. It aggregates and represents economical agents of this region of the North of Portugal, mainly connected to the tertiary sector of regional economics, in regards to their constant development and collective fate. It aims to guarantee the development and promotional activity of business and associative initiatives in the geographical area constituted by the municipalities of Amares, Braga, Terras de Bouro and Vila Verde, Póvoa de Lanhoso and Vieira do Minho.
In 2005, and in regards to extend ACB’s range, it was approved in a general meeting the extension of its scope of influence and it became possible to welcome associates based in any part of the country as well as foreign countries, as long as they carry out an activity of business nature.
Mission: as an entity of business development, linked with a sustained economic development, our mission is to reinforce the respresentativity of associate companies, to enrich and boost their activity and all its involving business, encouraging interaction between the diverse regional and national economic sectors.
Performance: to achieve its mission the ACB guarantees to their associates the fulfillment of the following goals: to represent, defend and promote economic, social, professional and cultural interests; encouraging a good understanding and solidarity, promoting services of collective interest; to develop plans and actions of professional training which contribute to the increase of competitivity
of the sectors represented; being a valid interlocutor in the presence of public and private institutions; to organize services, propose and implement initiatives, at the level of promoting business development and boosting and reinforcing the associative movement.
The ACB also assumes the role of technical service provider to companies and to the professional community, in fundamental areas such as the access to technical support information to the business activity. Economical activity in ACB’s area of influence Portugal has been developing an economy increasingly based on services and dedicated to tourism. Parallel to this tendency, over 60% of the corporate world existent in the municipalities of Amares, Braga, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Terras de Bouro, Vieira do Minho and Vila Verde develop their activity in the tertiary economy sector. The municipality of Braga is the main contributor to the enrichment of this indicator, with over 65% of its corporate activity centered in this sector. This tertiarization of economic activity denotes a superior characterization than in the Northern Region of the country, where it stays under 60%. In a general way, excluding Terras de Bouro, municipality in which the area of accommodation and food services had, in 2004, a greater importance, the sector of Commerce is the most representative in all the remaining municipalities. The phenomenon of tertiarization of the regional economy is a process in constant evolution, its effect on future options, perspectives and politics of regional development being very relevant.

Intervention areas: the ACB develops the activity of business and associative initiative promotion in a geographical area comprising
six municipalities. In 2005 that geographical area was expanded, in the sense of hosting adherent associates rooted in any area of
our country and foreign countries, as long as they practice an activity of business nature or related, represented by us and coming to
be admitted in statuary terms.
Being ACB’s associate is being part of an association that assembles the business values of the future and that takes challenges. It’s
building, together, the way for corporate development of our country. Besides belonging to a group of companies associated
through excellence, all partners benefit from a diverse set of services, benefits and perks, exclusive to ACB’s associates.
ACB offers their associates services concerning legal support, interpretation specialized support and enforcement of legislation. ACB
values the qualification of human resources, with particular concern to the elevation of the qualification of the active population in
companies in our region. Associates also have access to services allowing boosting of their economic and corporate activity.

ACB Training

ACB seeks to give an answer to every training necessity that you might identify in your organization. Under rigorous selection criteria, we bring the most appropriate solutions to our partners, which will better enrichen knowledge of the human resources. We want to help you achieve the principles of constant improvement of the quality of instruction of your staff, in a structured manner with a well defined vision and objective. Associate Benefits
*Inter and intracompany training arranged by ACB;
*Promotion of continuous training actions;
*Recognition, validation and certification competence processes that lead to the achievement of certificates of qualifications equivalent to the various degrees to basic teaching;
*Training in companies/trainings in work context;
*Initial and continuous training for Trainers;
*Training for the unemployed and senior management.

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