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AGIFODENT is a non-profit organization that was born in Granada in late 2002 with the purpose to inform, train and educate all users and institutions in mattersof European education programs.
Throughout nearly a decade of travel, our organization has defined its objectives in terms of social and educational needs, their goals being defined in the following activities:
– Organize and cultural activities aimed at further development, conservation and cultural diffusion.
– Perform all types of information activities and training, especially in new technologies and promoting the use of free software.
– Promoting and disseminating European culture in the context of Andalusian society, and primarily within the educational community, to produce a cultural exchange whose fruit is mutual understanding and improving the coexistence between the two.
– To promote, within the education community, researchand knowledge from a historical, anthropological, artistic, ethnological heritage, social, cultural, humanistic, ideological and political Europe.
– Encourage cul tural encounters, promoting educational and scientific and research experiences that promote understanding and awareness in Europe.
– Develop advocacy, development, research, publishing books and generation of projects related to heritage and culture of Andalusia.
– Disseminate cultural pluralism and coexistence and tolerance in Europe.
– To defend the legitimate rights of European citizensare understood as a minority in the different social fields and cu lturales (people with disabilities, dependents, persons with special needs, persons in situations of exclusion).
– Promote and actively in all the tasks aimed at education and training for understanding the natural environment or as any activity that promotes the creation of a global sustainable development in which to view environmental and health benefit conservation or protection of Nature, Environment and Climate
– Develop environmental projects and activities for ecological protection of the environment, through awareness, information and education.
– Establish contacts Andalusian citizens and Europeans to learn languages, European cultures and the promotion of relations between both peoples.
– Addressing international activities as a global view to improving the employment situation, educational, professional, and in general, the overall improvement of Andalusia.
– Bring the youth group all the training available to improve their skills, especially through community initiatives, international programsand European mobility programs.
– Inform and facilitate transnational mobility for the Andalusians.
– Develop methods and services that enable the learner aje intercultural and language, strengthening the knowledge of other cultures and ways of European life.
– Promote discussion and treatment of social problems: unemployment, racism, environment and climate change, poverty, crime, alcoholism, prostitution, social exclusion, the inclusion of disadvantaged groups (especially people with disabilities), from a transnational, possibility tating the exchange of knowledge and experience between European towns and cities.
– Provide services that facilitate the most difficult tasks when scheduling activities in Europe, such as finding partners, particularly difficult to access information, translation, completed form, location and contact members, and any other activity that helps to promote and development of European programs.
– Collaborate and manage public authorities, trade unionsand private entities in all matters relating to the management of educational activities within a territory.
– Education, culture and education, especially teacher training in all branches and all those working directly or indirectly ers to education.
– Implementation and development programs and trainingactivities for civic, cultural, scientific, health and labor.
– Strengthening institutional cooperation for development, promotion of volunteerism, the promotion of social action, environmental protection, data protection, the promotion of social economy, promotion of constitutional values and defend attics democratic principles, the promotion of tolerance, the development of scientific research and technological development.
-The contribution to all the strategies and calls from the various institutions that make up the management bodies of the European Union, co n express intent to collaborate in the dissemination of all principles and values that have enabled the European Union and all strategies management available to the Association.

AGIFODENT is a non-profit institution established in SPAIN to inform about the actual problems in Europe.
The main articles of our association are the following ones:
-To inform, teach and develop European Programmes in Andalucia.
-To promote and develop educational programmes addressed to businessmen and citizens for the management of new technologies and to provide information and advice in order to apply for European Programmes and during the required procedures for these issues.
– to face and carry out international activities as a global process for the improvement of the educational and professional situation and the situation of Andalucia in general.
-To focus on young people and to provide them with all the available information about EC initiatives, International Programmes and European Mobility Programmes in order to improve their professional skills.
-To disseminate and spread information about job and educational opportunities within other European countries.
-To bring information and other results of projects and investigations carried out within European Educational Programmes closer to the general population.
-To develop means and services that enable intercultural and linguistic learning.
-To encourage and boost the European Citizenship.
-To consolidate the knowledge about other European cultures and lifestyles.
-To encourage the European values as a means of preventing racist or xenophobic attitudes.
-To promote discussion and debates about social problems such as unemployment, racism, environment, climate change, poverty, delinquency, alcoholism, prostitution, social exclusion and the reintegration into society of marginal population (especially handicapped people). This must be done following a translational perspective in order to enable the exchange of knowledge and experiences among European towns and cities.
-To collaborate actively with other institutions or organizations which share common goals.
-To keep and encourage the exchange of professional experiences among members and other relevant people linked to the European sphere, so as to gain help, experience and professional enrichment.
Our team has participated previous projects and we obtained excellent results from the work done between all partners at a national and international level. We also have a wide network of private and public edutation centres and assessors who are already trained in order to develop the materials and help the students to create a website in accordance with the customer’s requirements.
AGIFODENT has been involved in previous European projects which have given our staff the necessary training and experience for developing future projects.
– Julio Jiménez García – Graduate in Education Sciences at the University of Granada in Spain (Spanish and English teacher); Responsible for European and Educational Projects in the public administration of Granada. Teacher and Coordinator responsible for European Education Projects in the Spanish Confederation of Teaching Centers in Granada (the most important network in Spain related to private education). He has been the director of a computer enterprise for 6 years(computers, internet, networks and software). Technical training and teacher trainer for Spanish education in Docete Omnes Foundation.
– Laura López Ruiz – Graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada in Spain. Accredited translator of English. Coordinator and manager of European Education Projects. Private English and French teacher. She will lead the management of localisation and translation as well as the project coordination.
– Jose Antonio Serrano García – Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Granadain Spain. Technician in the Departement of Free Software in the University of Granada. Free Software teacher and speaker.

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