Braga Mobility Open or just Braga mob (our brand), is a SME with 1-20 employees, is based in Braga and is an experienced education center working also with mobilities that received a lot of participants in the Leonardo da Vinci projects under last programme LLP until 2013 and recently in Erasmus Plus. Their staff has participated in countless projects related to international mobility. The company have a staff specializing in various areas, developing a educational scope. The organization also has co-workers in areas where it has less knowledge. Account with many partnerships Braga mob, have strong partners such as: Braga city council, The Industrial Association of Minho, The Commercial Association, the municipal government of S.Victor, and a partnership with Cultural and Social Center of Adriao Saint Association (Social institution with quality certification and a large experience on mobility projects). In fact it allows Braga mob for almost total coverage to meet the needs of those looking for Braga mob. Braga mob ‘s mission is create and foster educational, cultural, social, recreational and entertainment directing the benefits of multicultural to a growing number of people with a maximum service of excellence. Braga mob want to develop the education with business relationships and professional relationships with all types of businesses, schools, NGO, governmental institutions and organizations across Europe.
Braga mob also provides services tailored to the specific needs of executives and technical experts.With a wide network of local offices and a team of professionals, has partnered with several entities in the city of Braga, operating in various professional fields, corresponding to the requests by entities participating/partners of Braga mob in the programme Erasmus+.
The team of local people is invaluable, creating and adapting special programs, always meeting the needs of both parties.
Containing a vast network of internal and external contacts has the advantage of easy communication and efficient operation. The wide network makes it easy to organize all kind of mobility including find a perfect plan for the visits in Portugal. This allows participants to have the best possible experience before developing its own configuration. Braga mob also allows participants to invest in their future and come to experience life in our country, Portugal.

Braga mob cooperated in last year with groups from Spain, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Norway, Czech Republic, Latvia, Macedonia, Denmark, Greece, Lithuania and also with France under the framework of Erasmus+ Programme adapting itself to several different areas of projects with success.
Regarding the activities of our team, Braga mob have the following obligations:
-Receive and prepare to the participants an adequate program;
-Prepare educational programmes according to project needs
-Organizations where participants can develop their work plan,
-Supervise the participants during their placement with the collaboration of the sending organization;
-Provide support cultural during the placement;
-Provide expertise and use this expertise in the specific subject;
-Provide Europass and ECVET – Training with quality certification;
-Collaborate at all times with the sending organization during the periods of preparation, placement, professional visits, evaluation and composition of the reports;
-Dissemination of results and transfer during the forthcoming period of mutual-cooperation.
-Provide the accommodation, meals, local transport with low costs; Braga mob is oriented to the participants and the goal is their satisfaction.
The person in charge for the project will be Tiago Costa, responsible to coordinate the experienced staff of six persons. Graduated in Administration on University of Minho in Braga, he have been working under mobility projects since 6 years ago participating in almost all the mobility Projects, preparing and implementing projects in the field. He is experienced and have enough “know how” to answer to all the necessities and difficulties of the participants and sending organizations. The manager participated in Leonardo da Vinci project as a student, also in Youth in action and in Erasmus Placement and he was person in charge in multiple Ivt, Plm and Vetpro projects under Leonardo da Vinci, and in multiple projects under Key action 1, mobility of individuals till nowadays.
The best expertise and competence of Tiago is his focus and competence: Mobility organization and experience.

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