Camera di Commercio di Frosinone

The Frosinone Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture (CCIA) is a public body endowed with functional autonomy with functions in support of enterprise system and promotion and development of local economy.
These aims are pursued through the implementation of actions based on the needs of the main economic sectors, represented by trade associations within the Chamber. The main fields of action are: internationalization, training, enterprise technological innovation, collection and dissemination of information to economic operators, development of advanced services to companies.
The services supplied to Chamber users can be essentially divided into two categories: institutional services and support services.
Institutional services are related to the obligations the entrepreneurs have to fulfill at the Chamber in order to launch or modify any kind of activity: business registration processes, registries, rolls and lists management, licenses, certificates and permissions issuance for actions in Italy and abroad.
Support services include actions aimed at promoting and assisting the local economy development, propelling business relationships also at international level, financing projects for new enterprises, organizing significant events, as well as documentation services such as studies, researches and socioeconomic analysis on Province.
The headquarter is in the city of Frosinone, but Chamber of Commerce has also local offices established in the cities of Sora and Cassino.

To achieve the project goals the Chamber of Commerce will use its Special Company INNOVA. INNOVA activities are part of provincial economy promotion and development ends that belong to Chamber of Commerce. INNOVA pursues a public interest and non-profit objective and is committed to provide services to enterprises in the training and management fields, services to develop and retrain the competences and skills of workers and young jobseekers and services to promote and develop the local territory.
INNOVA mandate is to offer and promote both traditional training activities and interventions focused on emerging market sectors.
Particular attention is being paid to the implementation of training pathways financed by public funds and organized in order to facilitate the entry of young people into the labour market and in order to update and upgrade the competences of workers. So INNOVA was established with the aim to provide services and training to the enterprises and to all the users in general. INNOVA
performs an important activity of human resources development and technical assistance by making use of the most innovative and effective methods, capable of ensuring the evolution of competences.
With its dynamic work team INNOVA designs and carries out training actions in cooperation with trade and entrepreneurial associations, local companies system and Chamber bodies, through an approach based on needs analysis to offer the most effective and customized solutions. INNOVA stands out for its training provision that meets the needs arising from the socio-economic fabric
at provincial level and from the enterprises at local, regional and national levels. The overriding aim of the training provision is to encourage SMEs development and to meet the needs of the local entrepreneurial system, by the means of training pathways aimed at qualification and professional development.
Thanks to the results achieved, INNOVA is the privileged interlocutor for enterprises, professional and trade organizations and public
bodies: they turn to INNOVA relying on the high level of professionalism and high quality of the services provided. The following professionals will be involved in the project:
Federico Sisti:
– Director and Secretary-General – Manager of Consulting and Training Processes within the Administration, Finance and Control Area – from 1997 to 2011 – ISFORT
– INNOVA Director General. INNOVA (Special Company owned by Frosinone Chamber of Commerce) provides training actions and services for the enterprises and designs and manages actions in support of local development. Director General is accountable to the Management Board for his overall management of INNOVA and has management responsibilities – from 2001 to 2004 – INNOVA
– ASPIN Director General. The company provides services for the internationalization of enterprises. Director General is accountable to the Management Board for his overall management – from 2002 to 2004 – ASPIN (Special Company owned by Frosinone Chamber of Commerce)
– Director General of Frosinone Provincial Agency for Training – Agency is a public body that takes care of delivering training and active employment policy services. It performs activities in the fields of VET, vocational guidance, active employment policies, continuous training, local development and services for the enterprises – from 2004 to 2009 – Frosinone Provincial Agency for Training
– Manager of Programming Area for Training Provision – 2009 – Regional Administration of Lazio
– Secretary-General of Matera Chamber of Commerce – from 01/08/2009
– Secretary-General of Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce (Basilicata Region) – from 01/07/2010

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