Consorzio Innopolis

The aim of non-profit Consorzio Innopolis is to foster the socio-economic growth of the Country, through a multidisciplinary approach in order to improve existing resources and to support the development activities promoted by Private and Public Bodies.
The main objective is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the local realities by performing research and trainingactivities and providing expert advice to the various active players of the territory. Consorzio Innopolis arises from the synergy and the union of Research Centers, Training Agencies, Local Bodies and Consulting Companies that work in the various areas of intervention.
Innopolis has an eight-person permanent team (one Director, two Sector Managers (Welfare and Training), one EU planning Manager, one Administration Manager, one Reporting Manager, two Project Secretaries) and about 50 persons between consultants and teachers in various spheres of activity.
In the last years Consorzio Innopolis mainly carried out activities of local development promoting and training. The following are the principal projects carried out in the last years:
– Lead Partner in a geographic partnership within the framework of EQUAL European Community Initiative second phase, Region of Calabria
– Technical Assistance and Training in four projects aimed at unemployed disabled people from ten municipalities in Province of Frosinone – Sviluppo Lazio, Region of Lazio
– Provision of about 20 training paths, within the framework of European Social Funds, Regione Lazio
– Provision of about 20 Training Plans within the framework of the main Inter-professional Funds (Fonservizi, FBA, For.Te, Fondimpresa, Fonter)
– Provision of about 20 Courses with CME – Continuous Medical Education credits issue, The Health Ministry
– Provision of 5 SPAL Courses (workers on redundancy payment)
– Provision of one professional apprenticeship course, Province of Latina, Regione Lazio Consorzio Innopolis is:
• Training Agency accredited Lazio Region for Continued and Superior Training, also for disadvantaged groups – Rif. 11283 n. D0318 04/02/2010
• Provider CME (Provider CME National Roll, n. 3555 from 19/09/2012); CME stands for Continuous Medical Education
• ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, Sector EA37 (Planning and Providing Vocational Training Service) from 2004

For more than ten years Consorzio Innopolis designs and manages higher education and continuous training interventions in various fields of social policies, with a specific focus on the fields of social disadvantage and youth unemployment. Consorzio Innopolis is able to design, implement and manage training pathways based on thorough social research and needs analysis; to
recognize and share best practices in employability; increase the employability and life skills of VET learners and contribute to the competitiveness of the European economy; support improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems Notably Consorzio Innopolis takes care of:
– Managing all the stages of the training process: from the training needs analysis to design and provision of training to outputs assessment
– Providing consultancy services aimed at supplying distance training, by the means of the management and the organizations of specific platforms
– Carrying out counseling and coaching activities in order to support individual and groups development plans
– Offering specialist advice to Local Bodies in order to support the design and the implementation of front office and call center services, with the aim of developing and spreading active labour-market policies.
Up till now Consorzio Innopolis designed and managed also more than 40 continuour training courses financed by Interprofessional Funds.
Consorzio Innopolis can put in place a multidisciplinary staff formed by personnel with more than ten years experience in the field of planning, management and reporting of funded projects:
Andrea Tavazza: project leader with more than ten years of experience in the field of project management of complex projects financed by public funds and UE programs and initiatives. Law Degree
Simona Picone: senior expert in Social Research, with more than ten years of experience in training planning, training and skills needs analysis, guidance and selection of participants, human resources, youth work, coordination. Psychology degree
Simona Rotondi: senior expert in Social Research, with expertise in building statistical samples and tools (semi-structured questionnaires, interviews, focus groups etc.), data analysis tools and synthesis reports. Sociology degree
Fabrizio di Stante: Expert in Social Research and Training, with expertise in projects funded by public bodies and aimed at improving the provision of VET.

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