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Culturae Association is a job agency founded in Granada in February 2009, with the aim of helping people at risk of social exclusion.
Our entity through career guidance, training and intermediation aims to facilitate the socio-labor of people who are outside the Throughout these more than three years of life, due to the economic crisis the number of members of our organization has increased, whether as students of our training department, and our guidance and placement services.
As a commitment to people at risk, we worked on the awareness of companies and institutions in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Displays of this effort is that CULTURAE has contributed to the creation of a social economy enterprise is Serymar Inserts SL in which many of our users have found a gateway to the labor market. This company provides professional cleaning services, domestic service, porter service, maintenance and real estate communities, etc.

CULTURAE has participated in previous European projects, as partners or collaborators, and our staff is completely trained to work in this field. In addition, as a job agency, our employees in CULTURAE have wide experience in understanding and dealing with people at risk of social exclusion.
We could definitely offer our experience and good practice to the implementation of this project.
All the staff of Culturae has a long experience in all european projects, and they are working with disable people too 10 years ago. Culturae has educators, teachers, orientators with experience in the labour market specially in the transition from VET schools to Labour Market, and not only in Spain, because they develop mobility projects too to have interships in Europe too.

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