Karaman MEM

Karaman Provincial Directorate for National Education is an institution that is planning, implementing and supervising for the affairs of Education and Training in Provincial-wide. In the scope of our institution there are 1 Practical Kindergarden, 5 Kindergardens, 147 Nursery Schools, 168 Publim Primary Schools, 19 General High Schools, 12 Vocational High Schools, 2 Multi Program High Schools, 38 Private Primary and High Schools, 1 Vocational Training Centre, 6 Public Training Centres, 3 Teachers’ Houses and 1 Training Application School and 2 adult education centres. There are 245 teachers and 4675 students in Pre-School Education, 1689 teachers and 33,358 students in Primary Schools. There are 6296 students and 300 teachers in High Schools, 5304 students and 350 teachers in Vocational H.S. And also there are 3 teachers working only for EU and Local projcets in EU and Foreign Affairs Department. Karaman Provincial Directorate for National Education is experience about EU projects because it has implemented 3 LDV/Vet-pro projects, 2 Comenius Regio Projects, 1 LDV Partnership project and 1 Grundtvig project with great success since 2006. It is the head of Provincial Vocational Education Commission and Adult Education Commission.

Karaman Provincial Directorate for National Education (Karaman MEM) have been implementing more than 20 projects so far. Project coordination unit was founded in 2006. Karaman Provincial Directorate for National Education is the head of Provincial Vocational Education Commission and Adult Education Commission. Karaman Provincial Directorate for National Education successfully implemented 3 LDV projects, 2 Comenius Regio projects, 2 Grundtvig project and 1 Study Visit on “Using New Approaches on Language Teaching and Learning” and supported a lot of projects as social partner within the scope of Life Learning Programme. Addition to these in 2015 a Strategic Partnership Between Local/Regional Authorities )KA2) abd 1 School Staff Mobility Project (KA1) were accepted within the scope or Erasmus+ programme and these projects are still being implementes by our institution successfully. Besides the institution completed projects local grant projects (MEVKA) successfully. The institution had projects about enhancing the job facilities and opportunities for vet learners. ENABLE, LDV project was designed for disabled vet learners. The project coordination unit has been working on Vocational Education and given extra efforts on this field. Because, the city and the organization need to create new job opportunities for vet learners. Karaman Provincial Directorate for National Education has been dealing with the issues of vocational education & training. That’s why the project coordination created this project.

The project contact person, Ibrahim Taser, graduated from marmara University Ataturk Education Faculty English Language Teaching Department in 2012. At the same time, he had Bachelor’s Degree in Management in Anadolu University  in 2014. He has been working in Karaman MEM in the department of EU Affairs and Project Coordination Unit. He has been taking part in Erasmus+ projects (Effective School management in EU Dimension). He participated in two different Erasmus+ KA1 Vocational Education Staff Mobility (Forwarded Arc Welding Techniques and Job Safety and First Aid Implementations in Vocational Education & Training. He had survey and researches in the field of Vocational Education & Training. He was assigned as an English Teacher in Karaman Anatolian Vocational and Technical High School in 2012. In Karaman Provincial Directorate for National Education he is also Eurodesk Contact erson and eTwinning Ambassador. He has certificates in the field of project management and Project Cycle Management (PCM) Before preparing the project, he organized meetings with the authorities and relevant stakeholders in the field of vocational education both public and private bodies (Vocational Education & Training Centres, firms, business marjet and labour forces). The skills and expertises of key persons involved in the project are mentined below.
Mr Ramazan Arslan graduated from Ataturk University, English Language and Literature Department in 2000. He is an English teacher who is working in the EU Projects Department in Karaman Provincial National Education Directorate. He has been working for EU Projects for 7 years and has participated in several different Comenius, Grundtvig and LDV Project meetings in different European countries – gained a good understanding of what is required of a project expert and researcher both Turkey and in Europe. He is an expert of evaluation and monitoring of projects and activities. He has worked and participated in many cultural, environmentas Comenius Projects as a contact person such as ‘Agents of Sustainable Environment’. He is the contact person of “New Ways in English language Teaching through Sharing Experiences” and “Preventing Students Failure” Comenius Regio projects. And also he has participated in some project meeting such ‘The Triangle of Social Services for People With Disabilities’ Grudntvig Project as a group leader in the name of Directorate. He has some researches about Employment possibilities for Disabled People. He will coordinate all project activities with partners.
Muhacit Cinar graduated from English Language and Literature Department – Gaziantep University in 2005. He is an English Language Teacher working at EU Projects Department and Foreign Affairs Department in Karaman Provincial Directorate for National Education. He participated in transnational project meetings within the scope of Comenius Projects. In this context he has experience about project implementation and management. He participated in different project management trainings such as International project Development Techniques Seminars and PCM.

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