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Kaunas Science and Technology Park is the largest partner of science and business cooperation in this Baltic country. More than 200 companies have been incubated here with a success rate exceeding 90%. Today, we integrate more than 70 companies from IT sector, high tech sector, consultancies, advertisement & publishing companies and associated members. More than 90% employees of Kaunas Science and Technology Park companies are graduates, students or current academic staff of Kaunas University of Technology.

Our Park is an experienced & qualified partner to more than 50 science institutions and business associations from 23 countries. We have performed such roles as Assistant in E-Learning to innovative SMEs, Mediator of 500 Business Partnerships, Author of Regional Innovation Strategy, Facilitator of newly established businesses, Connector of different generation activities in Innovative Space Creation, and National Coordinator for the EU-scale Spatial Data project and many more.

International partnership (more than 2000 companies) is realised via participation in European and world wide networks and associations: IASP, BASTIC, SPICE group, WAINOVA. National partnership accounts the partnering with business support network, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Kaunas Regional Development Agency as well as Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

The further steps into promotion of the Creativity culture are taken: cooperation with EU universities, initiation of EU-scale projects, funding of Kaunas Science Valley SANTAKA.

More information:
  • Website: www.kaunomtp.lt
  • Contact person: Vaiva Kelmelyte (vaiva.kelmelyte@kaunomtp.lt)