Date: 05 June 2017

Teatro Principale di Palestrina (Rome province), Italy

about 20 people (2 teacher and students)





On 05 June 2017 Consorzio Innopolis staff presented EMOR project in the framework of an event organised at Teatro Principale di Palestrina. Attendants were students by Borsellino-Falcone Scientific High School and VET school (manteinance and support services) and the event was attended by about 20 people – two teachers and 18 students aged 17-18 years.

During the event rapporteur described EMOR activities and outputs that are collected in Red Book, stressing in particular the evidence of research carried out by italian EMOR partners (Consorzio Innopolis and Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone/ASPIIN) among 12 professional and technical institutes in the province of Frosinone, for a total of 11 school directors, 47 teachers and 462 students involved.

Participants were told about the importance of improving their levels of employability once graduated. They were informed about some innovative tools such as Video-CV and the opportunities for taking part in EU projects and mobility projects financed with EU funds, to improve their level of foreign language knowledge.

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