The Escola Profissional de Esposende was created in 1993, as a result of a Contract Program celebrated between the Ministry of the Education and the promotional entities, respectively the City Council of Esposende. In 1999, in consequence of the legal system modification concerning vocational schools, was constituted the Zendensino − Cooperative of Education and Public Interest of Limited Responsibility. The City Council of Esposende, Alfacoop (another cooperative) and a few teachers and employees compose Zendensino. This Cooperative of Education is the owner entity of Escola Profissional de Esposende since September of 1999. For the School installation, the City Council yielded the building of the Amorim Campos Schools, located in the village of Fão. Zendensino is also owner of the Escola de Música de Esposende since 2001. Zendensino is committed to the promotion of the integrated development and the improvement of Esposende dynamics, which is a geographic area directed to tourism and Restaurant Industry. Zendensino had as first goal to suppress the lacks of qualified professionals in the areas of Tourism,
Catering, Informatic and Child Care, contributing, in this way, for the increase of the scholar and professional certification of the region youth, placing in the work market technicians duly qualified. Currently, the Zendensino offers Level 4 Vocational Courses in the areas of the Catering/Restaurant Industry, Environmental and Agricultural Tourism, Socio-cultural Animation, Events Organization and Management and Information Technologies for Management. Currently, 320 students attend Escola Profissional de Esposende. In 2013, EPE initiated the Vocation Courses (cursos vocacionais) – in the vocational area of “Table/Bar Waiter”– intended for students in situation of school abandonment, this courses aim the attribution of scholar certification of basic education (9th grade) and the professional qualification of level II, in three distinct areas of formation: “table waiter”.

Activities relevant in this project:
Since 2004, Zendensino has equally bet on Long Life Learning, with Formation for Adults, Actives and Unemployed, as well as scholar certification of adults by the recognition and validation of their skills. Zendensino is in charge of a musical school project named, Escola de Música de Esposende, which has already a 350 group of students. Its main activity is directed for children between 5 and 15 years old, with specialized classes in violin, trompet, clarinet, flute, cello, viola, guitar and piano.
Zendensino looks to transmit an integral and integrative scholar formation, through the development of techniques and cognitive abilities, and has as main goal in its daily work, the valuation of the human and affective skills, infusing in the students values of European citizenship and preparing them for challenges of the modern society.

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